- tHe War Sisters -

The War Sisters
HD video projection onto clothing | 3:56 m:s | 2018

Artist Statement: The War Sisters, also known as 1967, 1941, and 1953 (from left to right), is a series of projected pieces that present the complex relationship between the United States and the East, more specifically Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. I chose these three countries because of their involvement in back to back wars with the United States. The videos shown in this body of work are historical propaganda films presented by the American government as a way to show what was going on during each of the three wars. It was important for me to present only the western view of each war, as it allows me to tell create a conceptual contradiction between what is being presented and the footage itself.

This piece was presented as part of Out of Line, a 2D and 3D BFA show, at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte from April 9th to April 20th 2018.