- Meals and Thrills Festival -

According to the U.S Today, one in every seven people use food banks as a means to obtain food. However, many of these places lack funding or volunteer to help support their communities.  Second Harvest MetroCarolina, one of these food banks, provides food to nineteen different counties in both North and South Carolina. As a center of fun for both North and South Carolina, Carowinds provides a place for families to spend time with each other.  Carowinds prides themselves in their family fun events and festivals that are found throughout the year. A one day festival provides opportunities for people to support Second Harvest as well as give Carowinds a chance to give back to the community. In the end, this festival gives both companies a way to promote an important message while also gaining something in return.


This design has not affiliation with the Carowinds and Second Harvest Metrocarolina. 
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