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Artist Statement: All artists have their own style. Picasso had cubism. Andrew Warhol had Pop Art. I have Ink blots. This series is an ongoing collection of self-expression. These ink blots are not created but rather from when I reach a state of relaxation. Because of this, no two ink blots are exactly the same much like no two moments in life are ever the same. My goal in this series is to present the viewer with a glimpse into who I am both as a person and as an artist

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The Classic Collection

The Neon Collection

The Butterfly Ball Collection

Hager Smith Design PA is an award-winning, multi-disciplined architecture firm located in downtown Raleigh’s Warehouse District. Select Inkblots from the classic collection were chosen to be apart of a solo exhibition held at the Hager Smith (by VAE Raleigh) from September 7th through October 29th, 2018. A reception for the show was held on October 5th, 2018 as part of the First Friday Gallery Walk