- The Blot Shop (Series) -

About the Collection

All artist have their own style when it comes to art. Picasso had cubism. Andrew Warhol had Pop Art. I have Ink blots. This series is an ongoing collection of self-expression. These ink blots are not created but rather form when I reach a state of relaxation. Because of this, no two ink blots are exactly the same much like no two moments in life are ever the same. My goal in this series is to present the viewer with a glimpse into who I am both as a person and as an artist.

There are currently 3 different series of blots. The Classic Collection were the original inkblots I designed when I started the project. The Neon Collection was an experimental series exploring bright blots and dark colors. Finally, The Butterfly Ball Collection is inspired by the 1974 album by the same name.